Timeless truth for the contemporary seeker.

If you’ve had enough of the endless search for awakening as a remedy for your pain, enough of striving to achieve a perfect state of enlightenment, enough of gurus and hierarchies and spiritual pedestals, you may find something refreshing here.

Amoda Maa’s teachings offer a timeless truth that is relevant to our modern times, speaking to the contemporary seeker who wants to go to the raw edge where our spirituality meets our humanity. 

The end of spiritual seeking.

And the beginning of authentic living.

Amoda invites you into a new world, a world in which the messy fullness of existence and the pristine emptiness of non-existence are inseparable lovers.

A world in which you are perfect in your flaws, perfectly loved even when you feel unlovable, and wild enough to love it all.

She invites you to reject nothing, welcome everything, and surrender into the deepest falling of the open heart. 

She nudges you - over and over again - to embrace the grit and grace of being human.

“My teaching doesn't promise you a life of unending bliss. It shows you how to bear the unbearable.

I'm not interested in how spiritual you are. I'm interested in how willing you are to stand as openness in the face of brokenness and loss.

I don't care if you have realized the most absolute truth. I care about your capacity to turn towards the tenderness of your heart in the midst of that which offends you.

I don't offer you enlightenment as a rarified state. I offer you love as the purified heart.

It's the path of surrender .. and the only way I know to enter the slipstream of unspeakable grace inside this human experience.”

  - Amoda Maa

The next step after Eckhart Tolle.
— Erwin H, founder of Awareness Now

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