Living Your Awakening in Every Moment 


with Foreword by John Welwood, PhD, best-selling author, psychotherapist, and teacher specializing in the integration of Eastern spiritual wisdom and Western psychology.


Published by Reveal Press, New Harbinger Publications, June 1st 2017


There is an urgency to evolve beyond humanity’s current ego-based paradigm, and along with it, a unique expression of enlightenment is emerging. 

In Embodied Enlightenment, Amoda Maa dispels the outdated view of a rarified, transcendent enlightenment and instead offers a deeply embodied feminine expression of awakened consciousness—one that can be realized in the midst of our everyday lives and has the capacity to transform our physical well-being, our relationships, our work, and our life purpose. By challenging us to honestly and intimately meet every aspect of our earthly experience, she invites us to discover authentic freedom by being both fully awake and fully human. 

Illuminating and uplifting, this book offers a new spiritual conversation that is of utmost relevance to everyone wanting to find peace and a deeper sense of fulfillment in an increasingly chaotic world—and for everyone wanting to participate in the birth of a new humanity.


Although the discovery and embodiment of enlightenment is a profound journey, Amoda Maa writes with a clarity and directness that is accessible to all. 


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Praise for Embodied Enlightenment  

“Amoda Maa Jeevan is a fresh, clear voice of the grounded feminine who speaks directly to the heart of anyone hungering for lasting peace in a turbulent and uncertain world. The clarity of her realization shines forth through her words, as she calls for us all to consciously embody the living truth in our ordinary human existence.”

- Shanti Einolander, founder of ONE the Magazine


“Amoda Maa Jeevan reminds us that enlightenment is not simply a transcendent spiritual orgasm into knowing ourselves as unchanging awareness; it invites us ever more deeply into our humanity, into the paradoxes of life, with an unconditional embrace. Her voice is a breath of fresh air in its precision and breadth, as well as its depth and down-to-earth parlance. I am sure Embodied Enlightenment will become a true companion to those willing to walk an integrated spiritual path.”

- Miranda Macpherson, author of Boundless Love


“With diamond-like clarity, a cup of compassion, and an almost poetic intensity, Amoda Maa Jeevan debunks the myth of enlightenment, addressing many commonly held concerns and questions about the process of awakening. No topic is off limits in this conversation as she dismantles the scaffolding of our defenses, our beliefs—the very mechanism of seeking itself. I highly recommend this beautifully written and insightful book to anyone at any stage in their spiritual evolution. You are invited to dive in, face your personal wounds with ‘courage and tender honesty,’ challenge your assumptions, and root the full flowering of your consciousness in the very belly of your humanity.”

- Kirtana, singer and songwriter, recording artist of songs for awakening


“Amoda Maa Jeevan is a gracious and powerful guide who steers a clear and honest path through the mist of confusion and misunderstanding about the awakened state to hold a new, revelatory light to all that was previously unclear or speculated on. Here, the old, outmoded ways of viewing liberation are cast aside for a more informed, enriching vision of enlightenment—one that embraces our twenty-first century sensibilities and shies away from nothing.”

- Stephen Gawtry, managing editor of Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine

“As the invitation to awaken from the dream of separation is being felt more strongly, both on a collective and individual level, so too arises the need for skillful guides familiar with this paradoxical new landscape. Amoda Maa Jeevan is one such friend on the path; a gentle but rigorous companion on the journey of unfolding to being both fully awake and fully human. Embodied Enlightenment is a beautiful and precious gift to an emerging new humanity.”

- Julian Noyce, founder of Non-Duality Press


Amoda talks about why she wrote this book

Embodied Enlightenment eloquently challenges us to honestly and intimately meet our experience just as it is, and to awaken out of the trance of the perpetually seeking separate self. This is a deeply illuminating description of how an awakened life transmutes the ordinary arenas of relationships, work, sex, money, the body, and life purpose. A beautifully written, inspiring, and distinctly feminine call to consciously embody the unfolding edge of evolution. I highly recommend it!
— John J. Prendergast, PhD, author of In Touch, adjunct professor of psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies, and psychotherapist

An excerpt from the Foreword by John Welwood, author of "Towards a Psychology of Awakening"

“Amoda Maa’s book can be seen as a guide to secular awakening as well as an antidote for spiritual bypassing. In a clear and incisive way, she carefully explores the different ways in which spiritual practitioners need to work with their fallible humanness as the pathway for embodying transcendent truth. In her words, “The willingness to embrace personal truth in the search for absolute truth is a necessary component of the authentic embodiment of awakened consciousness.” May you dive deep into this book, which is full of genuine, helpful guidance on the journey of waking up, and insight into how this can illumine all the hidden corners of your life.”

Amoda talks about living the truth of awakening in everyday life.

Enlightenment has long been associated with an austere, recluse lifestyle. But today, people fully engaged in worldly responsibilities are waking up. Ancient traditions may not adequately support their awakening in the midst of ‘real-world’ concerns such as health, finances, relationships, et cetera. Amoda Maa is one of the brightest of a new generation of spiritual teachers who are meeting that need. She has been prepared for this role in a crucible of personal transformation, and is now fulfilling it admirably.
— Rick Archer, creator and host of Buddha at the Gas Pump