"When everything false in you dies, what remains is the truth of love."

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Duality, Nonduality, and the Feminine Face of Awakening

Amoda's talk at the Science & Nonduality Conference in California, October 2015 - speaking about a new feminine frequency that brings enlightenment into the messy human experience. 

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Talk at SAND - 
San Jose, CA, USA  

October 21st, 2016


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Amoda Maa

Amoda Maa is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her teaching arises out of direct experience of awakened awareness and emanates the untamable fragrance of freedom whilst radically embracing the mystery and mess of human existence. Her invitation is for you to open to the fullness of life, to say YES to the totality of your experience and to meet reality with radical compassion. 

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What people say

"Now I have met You and You talk the crystal beauty of full Truth - it is unspeakable - and every minute with You, every word from You is grace for me." 

- Tom, retreat participant

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I offer a pointer back home to where love truly is. If you are willing to give yourself to this love unconditionally, you will find that which is truly alive and free.