What Readers Say About Amoda's New Book "Embodied Enlightenment" 


Some writers are able to offer transmission through the written word. Amoda is one of those authors. - Pauline, USA


AMAZING BOOK! Amoda writes with clarity and compassion, and her words immediately bring me to a place of peace and ease. I find that she has a quality of authenticity that is unique among many spiritual teachers. I cannot emphasize enough the value of her words. If you are curious about this book, I say buy it! The message is priceless! You will certainly get out of it more than you were looking for! - Joe, USA


Amoda's message is unsettling and at the same time irresistible. Her book shines a stark light on the areas of my life I've been trying to avoid through spirituality. It's nice to come across someone that can take you to those dark places and empower you with the courage to open and embrace all of it. - Alan, USA


Didn't know what to expect after purchasing this book, but it hits right where the heart is. - Mikhail, USA


Amoda Ma's illuminating wisdom sparkles on every page as she deftly guides spiritual seekers of all levels through the labyrinth of authentic awakened living. - Susanne, USA


This book is an amazing gift to our planet. Deeply practical and simply brilliant, Amoda Maa guides seekers in a realistic yet tender way. I can't put it down. - Julia, USA


I recently began my second reading of this inspiring and practical book. Amoda is the orthopedic surgeon of the enlightenment business. She takes the sacred and offers us an organic step by step examination and illumination of the awakening process. I have been reading, studying and meditating for over 40 years and I have to say this book will take a special place on my book shelf with a handful of classic spiritual guides. I feel blessed to have discovered this compassionate and authentic teacher at this time in my life. You will not be disappointed with this gem. - James, USA


Amoda Maa bridges a gap for the seeking soul in today's modern age. She speaks from the heart and if you listen with yours you will receive insight that resonates beyond anything you've ever perceived. - Staci, USA


Finally a book that speaks about the embodying process that comes with awakening and Amoda does that with a high degree of clarity, authenticity and wisdom. In my opinion, her voice is a gift to the Satsang arena and thus to humanity. I highly recommend this precious book. - Christina, Germany


Amoda Maa's book is a reflection of her - full of raw honesty. Searing openness. It covers her life, awakening and, for me, the most important part: how to live an awake life - in every moment! A glance at the contents page shows the huge scope of Amoda's book. It seems she shines a light into every corner of life, from relationships to our place in the birth of a new humanity, and finishes with work, money and living your true purpose. If you are sincerely exploring what it means to be alive, then this book is a great companion and will help you along your way. - RR, United Kingdom


This book is a potent and beautiful addition to the wisdom library of nondual teaching for anyone on a sincere path of self enquiry and Truth. - Marybeth, United Kingdom


I was introduced to Amoda Maa by accident on you tube. I was so impressed by her authenticity and the deep presence that she speaks from, that I purchased her book, Embodied Enlightenment, the first "spiritual" bookI have read in over 10 years. I stopped reading these books because most are written from a mental concept of an idea or way to enlightenment. Amoda Maa writes from her own experience authentically, without having to fit into any preconceived ideas about enlightenment. I love her message of being Fully Awake and Fully Human. Her book has helped me to accept lovingly, my humanness as part of my Oneness. - Tova, USA


“Embodied Enlightenment” is a beautiful timely book, in the spiritual supermarket. It’s a crowded market. But this one is so good, I’d put it in the organic, locally grown section, & give everyone a free taste. - Tomas, USA


I normally shy away from writing a book review because words don't flow out easily for me, but this book urgently calls for me to write a few lines, and, I haven't even finished it yet! "Mindfulness" is the big buzzword today in discussions relating to emotional and psychological well-being in todays fast-paced lifestyle. But from my experience, mindfulness by itself is not enough. We need to be learn to be fully embodied. Amoda Maa beautifully explains why this is so. - Rowena, USA


I have read many, many spiritual books for years, going all the way back to Ram Dass's "Be Here Now", and Amoda's book ranks with the best I have read on the subject of enlightenment. - Kent, USA


If you want clear pointers toward embodied enlightenment and how it manifests in this world, this is the book for you. Down to earth and accessible, Amoda Maa Jeevan's latest book clears away any fluff and woo-woo that so often characterizes much contemporary spirituality. Beautifully written, it strikes chords of deep truth. - Becky, USA