Discovering the Radiance of Being in the Midst of Everyday Life


This book was originally published as HOW TO FIND GOD IN EVERYTHING by Watkins Publishing, 2008

This New Edition is published by Watkins Publishing, 2016 - includes a new Preface, Introduction, Afterword and minor changes to the Chapter titles and text, to bring this book up to date with Amoda's teaching today. She also talks more about how her awakening happened and how this has evolved since the first edition of the book.

Beautifully presented and practical as well as inspiring, this is an introduction to the world of non-duality, non-separation and our intrinsic oneness, and supports the reader on their path to inner joy and freedom.




“It was the willingness to open my heart to everything – including the darkness of suffering – that allowed the radiant luminosity of being to reveal itself in my life. It was a radical awakening which changed everything from the inside out. In the beginning, it stripped me bare of any structures in my inner and outer world that did not serve this awakened consciousness. Psychological defenses were seen through and collapsed, relationships and friendships based on co-dependency dissolved, and mental distractions simply stopped. At the same time, a deeper purpose to the creative flow of my “work” in the world revealed itself, and any action not in alignment with this new purpose rapidly fell away. Later on, this radical awakening gave birth to this book and to my role as a spiritual teacher. 

When the first edition of my book was published in 2008, it was titled “How to Find God in Everything”. The title was inspired by a beautiful saying from the Indian mystic Rabindranath Tagore: “In order to find God, you must welcome everything”. And this simple statement contains the essence of my teaching. When this edition sold out of its print run a couple of years ago, it was a clear a new edition was required. In response to both the deepening of my own inner experience and to the evolution of the expression of my teaching over the years, this new edition has been retitled “Radical Awakening” and has a new Preface, Introduction and some minor changes to the text. In particular, I rarely use the word “God” these days, as it is burdened with cultural and religious conditioning and its deeper meaning is often missed by the Western mind. I now prefer to speak of being-ness, presence, or silence. I also refer to this primary state of consciousness as unconditioned or nondual awareness, or simply as awakeness. In the new edition, I use “God” interchangeably with these terms, so as to give more expression to that which is essentially inexpressible.

My invitation is for you to be willing to say a wholehearted yes to the unfoldment of each moment - in all its horror, agony or ecstasy - and to discover what is truly here beneath and beyond all appearances. In other words, to recognize the silence at the radiant core of everything and to come home to God.” 


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Every experience of your life is a calling from God. Every experience - whether it be pleasurable or painful - is an invitation to embrace the fullness and depth of this moment as it is now. Deep intimacy with this moment offers the promise of liberation. It is an invitation to your true nature.
— Amoda Maa


What Readers Say

"A universal truth shines forth through this book, presented in a way that makes it easy for the heart to hear it." 

"From the moment I held this book in my hands I felt a peace come over me. This book reads like a prayer. It reads like poetry. You can open to any page and find that it speaks to your soul." 

"A true gem of a book, it never leaves my bedside."