What happens at events …

MEETINGS are the foundation of Amoda’s teaching. These are usually half-day or full-day events. Occasionally there is an evening event. Some meetings are small and intimate, others are larger.

Each meeting begins with a period of silent sitting, followed by a talk and then an opportunity to ask questions. 

INTENSIVES are non-residential weekend events (two full days). You can join one or both days. 

Each day includes two periods of silent sitting, a talk, and several Q & A sessions. Kavi usually provides live guitar music at these intensives, to support the frequency field of love and presence.

We have found that there is a gentle opening and deepening that happens over the weekend, allowing for a more intimate and heart-based dialogue. Often people want to soak this up by attending both days. 

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“My invitation is revolutionary. It serves to take you to the edge of mind, to the unbounded vista of your being-ness where you can no longer clutch to a story of  ‘poor me’ or ‘special me’.

Right here, if you are ruthlessly honest in staying open, you will die as the ‘you’ you think you are and be reborn into awakeness. And even if you are alive as this awakeness for one moment, the revolution has begun. 

It is the end of the war of inner conflict. And the beginning of silence as the true song of your life.”

- Amoda Maa

RETREATS & IMMERSIONS are the real juice! This is where we dive deep to examine what stands in the way of our true radiant nature. By creating a safe container of unconditional acceptance, we invite tender honesty and audacious authenticity. 

Retreats & Immersions usually take place over 5 days, sometimes longer. The daily schedule includes talks, Q & A sessions, deep inquiry, silent sitting, and sometimes guided and active (movement-based) meditations. The sessions allow for an intimate and spontaneous conversation, effortlessly traversing the depth and breadth of heartbreak, humor, and sacredness. There is also time for contemplation, rest, walking, and enjoying heart-centered celebration with each other. 

At all retreats & immersions, Kavi provides sacred music of the heart (with live guitar) to support the process of heart-awakening. His music ranges from zen-like stillness to point you further within, to lyrical songs of love and beauty, to wildly ecstatic let-go … and it’s all improvised! 

Kavi also contributes to the Q & A sessions by offering guidance when appropriate. His unique insights and loving wisdom provide a support for Amoda’s teaching, and together there is a playful flow of feminine and masculine. We are often told that having both Amoda and Kavi holding the space to be a very powerful and much-appreciated offering.

Some retreats are held in silence outside of the sessions (no social conversation during breaks and meal-times). Others are not strictly silent, allowing for social interaction outside of sessions. Some are held in an environment that supports a more inward contemplative attitude, others are held in an environment that supports a more playful, cathartic, and celebratory attitude. This depends on the venue, the time of year, and the container created by the group. But all of them are potentially life-changing! No two retreats are ever the same! 

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“Listen to the visitors who knock on your heart … knocking from the inside. Shame, pain, loneliness, grief and more … all these are your allies not your foes. They yearn to come in, to be acknowledged, accepted, loved.

For what is broken is the doorway to gold, what is shattered is the entrance to inconceivable love, what brings you to your knees is not a punishment but God’s invitation. Your brokenness is holy.”

- Amoda Maa

All are welcome to attend any event. You do not need to have attended a shorter event in order to attend a retreat. But we do recommend you read Amoda’s book Embodied Enlightenment and/or watch her videos before attending an event. 

What is offered through the teaching is free of religion, belief systems, dogma and ideology. There is no cult or exclusivity, events are open to everyone, of every background, race, sex, color, creed, and education. 

Events are offered in various locations, currently in the USA.

But we’re planning to come to the UK and Europe soon (hopefully in 2020) and also Australia / New Zealand.

For those who are unable to attend a live event, we offer Online Meetings (webinars) at regular intervals. These are accessible anywhere in the world, and give an opportunity to meet Amoda and bring any questions.


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“It’s time for the icy grip of nonduality to bow down to the wild feminine. Not just in women, but in men too.

The wild feminine has nothing to do with indulgence of emotions or getting lost in the senses. It’s not about anger against men or a feminist position. The wild feminine is much wider and deeper than any of that. She is the paradox of sky and weather, light and dark, beginnings and endings, nonduality and duality. She is the collapse of victim and victor, worthy and unworthy. She is the end of external authority. She is the power of surrender in which all inner division comes to an end.

That which has been suppressed for millennia is rising up. The patriarchy of ‘mind over heart’ within each of us is being called to bow down and make way for the open hand of love. So we can stand unbroken in the midst of brokenness. So we can turn towards tenderness in the face of the enemy.

So that we can live as fierce grace when our world comes tumbling down.”

- Amoda Maa

What people say …

A highly articulate and relevant female teacher. The world needs more of that.
A deep dive retreat with Amoda Maa will change you. She is what an awakened humanity looks like and reminds us that we are that too. If her beloved husband Kavi joins her, with his beautiful music and insights from his own poetic heart, so much the better!
A retreat with Amoda and Kavi is a **** masterpiece!
Amoda is one of the most clear and profound nonduality teachers of our time. Like a very sharp knife she delves into the heart of things.
I’ve been listening to spiritual teachers for over 30 years and Amoda’s teachings are some of the most compelling I’ve come across. Her message is very powerful.
I’ve attended many retreats over the last 40 years and found the one led by Amoda to be one of the very best. She is able to work with each attendee in a gentle and profound way. Her teachings are incredibly clear and right to the point. I experienced some deep shifts that have remained. It’s wonderful to experience a true spiritual master in feminine form.
Amoda has a quality of authenticity that is unique among spiritual teachers. Her message is priceless.
Every word from her mouth is pure gold.
No need to travel to India or spend years in spiritual communities of the Eastern Gurus - I have done that. Everything you might have experienced or understood can be found within these pages, or even better, in the presence of this “ordinary” woman. If you pay attention, the skillful, laser-sharp yet gentle words, will open up within you the depths of insight and experience you have longed for.
This is certainly not non-duality 101. It’s something much more radically intimate and penetrating.
Amoda’s teaching is so utterly clear and direct, beautifully weaving the masculine advaita with the feminine embodiment ... a teaching for these times.
Amoda Maa is one of the most important spiritual teachers of our times. Oprah needs to interview her!