Ten Spiritual Lessons for a New Way of Being and Living  


Published by Watkins Publishing, 2012

This book offers Ten Spiritual Lessons that activate an “inner spiritual muscle” and unlock your true power. Each lesson has the capacity to change the way you see things, the way you experience things and the way you do things so that you are empowered to become an agent of change. The invitation in this book is for you to awaken the jewel of your inner radiance and to consciously collaborate in your personal evolution as well as in our planetary evolution. 

This is a spiritual workbook and each lesson contains insights for contemplation, actions to take on a daily basis, and declarations to affirm the power of your inner light.





“Inner transformation is the key to outer change. However much we may want to save the world or what’s wrong, the truth remains that we change the world by changing ourselves. This book is for those of us who are tired of complaining and blaming, and instead are ready to re-create ourselves by becoming the change we want to see. It is for those of us who are ready to do what it takes to shift from smallness to greatness. Because that’s what it will take to re-create our world as we wish it to be. If you’re reading this book, then you are one of those courageous souls prepared to take the leap.

When each of us awakens to the miracle of our own power, we shift from being victims of our lives to being conscious co-creators. When we awaken to the power within us, we come into alignment with the power of Creation and miracles happen. But in order to awaken this power, we need to activate an inner muscle that, when used over and over again, creates ripples of remembrance in our body-mind-soul, and plugs us into the field of infinite possibilities. It is here, in the invisible realm of miraculous power, that we can choose how we want to experience our life and our world.”

What Readers Say 

"I have read many spiritual books over the years, but for me, this one reaches the parts others hadn't reached, and it is food for the soul.”

"This is a timely book, a book to digest and invest time in. Each chapter gently guides the seeker into the waiting heart space, which is quite an achievement. If you are prepared to put in the work, then this book is for you, as the rewards are subtle yet noticeable." 


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