EMBODIED ENLIGHTENMENT - Living Your Awakening in Every Moment

Published by Reveal Press, 2017.

Amoda's new book dispels the outdated view of a transcendent enlightenment and instead presents a new, feminine expression of awakened consciousness. She offers a cutting-edge spiritual conversation that is of utmost relevance to everyone wanting to find peace and a deeper sense of fulfillment in an increasingly chaotic world - and for everyone wanting to participate in the birth of a new humanity.

Foreword written by John Welwood, PhD - "Amoda's book is a guide to secular awakening, and an antidote to spiritual bypassing.


RADICAL AWAKENING - Discovering the Radiance of Being in the Midst of Everyday Life

A revised second edition of Amoda's first book How to Find God in Everything (2008), with a new Preface, Introduction, & Afterword.

Published by Watkins Publishing, 2016

Beautifully presented and practical as well as inspiring, this is an introduction to the world of non-duality, non-separation and our intrinsic oneness, and supports the reader on their path to inner joy and freedom. This new edition brings the book up to date with Amoda's teaching today. She also talks more about how her awakening happened and how this has evolved since the first edition of the book.


DESPERTAR RADICAL - El Resplandor del Ser en Medio del Mundo

NEW - Spanish edition of RADICAL AWAKENING.  

Translated by Diego Merino Sancho, and published by Gaia Ediciones, 2018.

Despertar radical nos invita a sumergirnos profundamente en el misterio de la existencia tal y como es. Abrazar cada momento nos ofrece la oportunidad de despertar del sueño de la separación y de comprender que somos uno con la esencia divina que da origen a todas las formas. Este libro, escrito con un estilo ameno y accesible, constituye una introducción única y fascinante al mundo de la no-dualidad.


CHANGE YOUR LIFE, CHANGE YOUR WORLD - Ten Spiritual Lessons for a New Way of Being and Living

Published by Watkins Publishing, 2012.

A spiritual workbook with each lesson containing insights for contemplation, actions to take on a daily basis, and declarations to affirm the power of your inner light. This book offers Ten Spiritual Lessons that activate an “inner spiritual muscle” and unlock your true power. Each lesson has the capacity to change the way you see things, the way you experience things and the way you do things so that you are empowered to become an agent of change. The invitation in this book is for you to awaken the jewel of your inner radiance and to consciously collaborate in your personal evolution as well as in our planetary evolution.