EMBODIED ENLIGHTENMENT - Living Your Awakening in Every Moment

NEW BOOK - released on June 1st 2017, by Reveal Press (New Harbinger Publications), available for pre-order now! 

Illuminating and uplifting, Embodied Enlightenment offers a new spiritual conversation that is of utmost relevance to everyone wanting to find peace and a deeper sense of fulfillment in an increasingly chaotic world.

RADICAL AWAKENING - Discovering the Radiance of Being in the Midst of Everyday Life

A Revised Second Edition of Amoda's first book How to Find God in Everything (2008), with a new Preface, Introduction, & Afterword.

Published by Watkins, 2016. 



CHANGE YOUR LIFE, CHANGE YOUR WORLD - Ten Spiritual Lessons for a New Way of Being and Living

A spiritual workbook with each lesson containing insights for contemplation, actions to take on a daily basis, and declarations to affirm the power of your inner light. 

Published by Watkins, 2012.