Intensives & Retreats

Intensives & Retreats are an opportunity to dive deeper into the truth of Being, to imbibe the fragrance of freedom, and to rest in the silence of your true nature. 

The invitation here is to open to a more intimate conversation that includes the totality of your human experience within the unbounded space of unconditioned awareness. Deep surrender becomes possible in an environment of trust and honest desire for that which is true.



Intensives are usually held over a weekend (Friday evening/Saturday & Sunday all day) and are non-residential. These are open to all, whether or not you have any prior experience of Amoda's teaching.



Retreats are held between 3 and 7 days and are fully residential with meals and accommodation provided, and held in beautiful and tranquil settings to support your process. Some of the retreats are held in complete silence (Silent Retreats).

It is preferable that you have some prior experience of Amoda's teaching (by having attended an Open Meeting/Satsang, a Private Session, or an Online Meeting), although there are some exceptions to this.

Both the Intensives and the Retreats allow more time for dialogue, inquiry, silent sitting and sometimes include guided meditations. These gatherings offer an intimate and transformational space in which everyone is invited to participate in the dialogue with Amoda. 

In the full light of awakening, silence becomes the song of your life, it is the constant backdrop to the scenes acted upon it.