Private Meetings

Private Meetings offer an opportunity to be with Amoda one to one in an intimate setting. This is for those who are truly sincere in their desire for truth and are willing to open to the totality of their experience. Amoda Maa provides a clear reflection of what stands in the way of this and points you to a deeper dimension of openness. 

Private One to One Sessions 

Private One to One Sessions are available for those who wish to inquire sincerely into authentic freedom and are either unable to attend an Open Meeting or who wish to enter into a more intimate and private dialogue with Amoda Maa.

The sessions last for either 60 or 90 minutes and can be arranged depending on Amoda's location and schedule. It is preferable if you can participate in a live setting, but if this is not possible geographically, the sessions can also be arranged by Skype. 

Please note, these sessions are not intended as psychological therapy, emotional counselling or spiritual coaching; rather they are an invitation to discover freedom even in the midst of your human story. Please come with specific questions if possible and a willingness to explore the totality of your experience. 

Due to Amoda's full schedule, these sessions are limited in availability. If you wish to participate, please contact Amoda at with a brief reason for your request and a brief background of yourself & your spiritual search. The requested contribution for a 60 minute session is $150, and for a 90 minute session it is $200 - payment details will be given once your session is arranged. 

Please note that in-person (live) sessions are currently available only in the USA.


Private Satsang Intensives

Private Satsang Intensives are an invitation to meet your innermost in naked openness. Everything is included here, including your personal story, so that all the obscures that which is truly alive and free can be seen. This is a rare opportunity to sit with a teacher in an intimate setting, just one to one.

These Private Intensives are available over 1 or 2 days, with 2 sessions per day of about 1 and a half to 2 hours each (morning and affternoon); in between the sessions you are free to go home or go for a walk or simply be with yourself in silence. They usually take place at Amoda's private residence, in whichever location she is at the time. The dates are arranged as convenient for both Amoda and the participant. The requested contribution for a 1-day intensive is $400.

These Intensives are open only to those who have previously participated in Amoda's Open Meetings, Retreats/Intensives or Private Sessions, or by Amoda's personal invitation.

To inquire about the Private Satsang Intensives, please contact Amoda at



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