Amoda's Friends

Other teachers and organizations Amoda is affiliated with, hosted by, or simply friends with  ... 


Meeting Truth - the primary online platform for Non-dual and Advaita meetings and retreats all over the world -

Science & NonDuality Conference - where cutting-edge scientists, philosophers, spiritual teachers and artists come together to explore the ancient wisdom of nonduality, offering conferences & retreats in USA & Europe  -

Open Circle Center - hosting events in the Bay Area of California (USA), featuring local and global teachers from the spiritual, nondual and non-sectarian community -

The Open Way - hosting events with nonduality teachers in the Bay Area of California (USA), hosted by Cory Bright -

HeartSpace Teachings - bringing together new thought and ageless wisdom to offer events, gatherings and spiritual services in the South Bay Area of California (USA), directed by Rev. Marilyn (Agape International Spiritual Center) and Kent Pelz (Center for Spiritual Living) -


Buddha at the Gas Pump - interviews with ordinary awakened people and spiritual teachers, hosted by Rick Archer -

Conscious TV - TV channel (broadcasting online & on SKY), featuring extensive interviews with spiritual teachers and awakening individuals -

ONE: the Magazine - online magazine featuring personal accounts of nondual realization and celebrating our oneness -


Jeannie McGillivray - Jeannie offers nondual meetings and one to one sessions in the UK, bringing a graceful clarity and a divine feminine presence to the spiritual inquiry. Jeannie sometimes co-hosts retreats with Amoda; she is also the co-founder of Meeting Truth -

Kavi Jezzie Hockaday - Kavi offers Transformational Life Coaching; his approach is steeped in nondual awareness and yet does not overlay any nondual teaching to his work with people, rather he brings a uniquely holistic approach to all areas of life based on his own journey of transformation, healing and awakening. Highly intuitive, direct and steeped in universal wisdom, Kavi offers individualized private coaching to help you move forwards in such areas as illness, emotional crisis, relationship issues, creative blocks, and spiritual stuckness. He has a particular interest and wealth of experience in the relationship to the body, wellness and super-nutrition. His work is the perfect adjunct to Amoda's Satsangs, and Amoda often refers people to him when she feels that his approach would be more beneficial - 


Kavi Jezzie Hockaday - Kavi is also a talented musician; he is a guitarist and song-writer. His music of the non-dual heart ranges from gently ambient to folky to upbeat melodies. He plays music for meditation and celebrations and sometimes plays music at Amoda's Satsangs & Retreats -

Arupa Gold -contemporary sacred music, this trio is comprised of Kavi Jezzie Hockaday, Paul McGillivray (Jeannie's husband) and Ella Joy (Paul & Jeannie's daughter); this is improvised eclectic soul-stirring stuff, designed to bring you into total presence -

Kirtana - wonderful music for Satsang -


Rupert Truman - the extremely talented photographer who took the main photos for this website -



Love is the heart of you meeting the heart of what is.