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Meetings & Retreats 

"Having sat with many teachers, there is something about Amoda's grounded energy that also conveys a sense of intimate availability, there is no separation - as if you'd known her all all along, even within a first meeting". Nancy B, Seattle, USA

"Amoda Maa's clear teaching and powerful guided meditation were an invitation to dive deeply into the depths of my being. Earlier in the week, at another of her meetings, a troublesome emotional reaction had dissolved, and during the day-long gathering it became more palpable what it had dissolved into: a calm but alive open-hearted presence that saturated the body and mind. Thank you Amoda!" - James, San Rafael, USA

"Your words and presence pierced my heart. Thank you so much." - Becky, Seattle, USA

"There was a moment in satsang when I experienced a subtle yet profound shift in me. To be seen and recognized so deeply for who I am, for what my path of service looks like, was a profound experience for me. It touched me so deeply. Thank You." - Alyssia, Stockholm, Sweden 

"I am totally delighted with Amoda's fierce softness and resonate profoundly with her words, they are like tuning forks, bringing me home to "open spacious loving awareness"." - Sahara Anahatha, Canada

"There's a razor sharp veracity to Amoda's presence, bringing awareness to delusions and blocks, and allowing the heart to speak right back to itself." - Paul, London, UK

"In a nutshell - simply and gracefully, Amoda turns the mind inside out - allowing one to be taken by surprise! The benefits of which continue to linger." - Francis, London, UK

"Amoda's honest and open communication are fresh air. Her articulation and sensitivity are extraordinary, almost poetic. She reminds me of Krishnamurti in her eloquence and depth." - Kevin, London, UK

"I have met many teachers and Amoda is definitely one of my favourites. She speaks beautifully and at times is quite poetic whilst making it all so clear and easy to understand. I love her way of describing truth and applying it to everyday life. She is "la creme de la creme"!" - Susan, Bristol, UK

"The retreat left me with the inspiration to continue with silent sitting and present moment awareness. Amoda reaches the parts that may otherwise remain obscure!" - Claudine, London, UK

"This was my first time with Amoda and I was struck by the clarity of her explanations and the way she held my attention, as if even  in listening to her I was becoming more awake and focused, without needing to try. The first day was difficult, as I experienced powerful feelings which had lain dormant for years coming alive and making their presence known within me. Then there was an opening to those feelings. I was also able to notice the upside-down love inside them, witnessing how they had been suppressed and  transformed into fighting against myself. I was able to relax back into my own being and let the love nourish me again, my heart opening and the sense of connection pouring out.  On the last day this small group of separate creatures became a pool of connected hearts melting into each other, crying tears of gratitude. We saw the same Heart in each pair of eyes and touched it in each pair of hands. None of this felt special or magical - just a relaxation into what was natural and a remembrance of a love I had once known." - Prem, London, UK

"Satsang with Amoda was for me joyous, sweet and tender. A deep dive into truth and opening of hearts. We listened, sat in silence, shared what was needed to be shared, cooked and ate together and walked through the beautiful landscape together. Every day we dived deeper towards that sacred place of intimate peace. Everyone at a different stage on their journey, still I feel everyone received within themselves what needed to be received. A token of the deep wisdom available through Amoda’s teachings and presence." - Gabriel, Stockholm, Sweden

"I went to this retreat without any expectations, I just knew that I should be there following my inner flow. Before I went, I thought I already had an inner peace and probably I had in some way, but after the retreat this inner peace has matured far beyond what I thought was possible. I give thanks to all there is, to all attendees and of course to Amoda Maa. There are a lot of things to say about Amoda Maa, it's already out there so I won't get into that. I'm just saying that the core of it, as I find it, is the deephearted simplicity, honesty and loving in meeting at a deeper level of selves in truth is a great gift that she shares openly. I loved every second at the retreat and possibly I will keep loving every second of life." - Dennis, Oland, Sweden 

"I took this retreat as a chance to reacquaint myself towards my inner purpose. Losing myself in the total devotion to this present moment, to give myself 100%. Seeing the present is always step one, and never to pretend I'm beyond it.  For I will never be able to escape this moment, I choose to dive deep into it. In this Satsang Retreat I chose to be available and undefended again, and I keep choosing it over and over again, even now, completely devoted to this love." - Joris, Belgium.

Private Satsang Intensives  

"To sit with Amoda for even a short while creates an opening in which truth begins to appear. To be fortunate enough to share this on a two or three day intensive really starts to expand this knowing. With honesty and integrity we delved into the hidden recesses of this human psyche. The blind spots were revealed and stared down. A stronger wave after wave of clarity and knowing - the result. I am so grateful for this opportunity to sit one to one with my teacher. For me, to realize truth, it is the definitive action. Thank you Amoda, is all I can say." - Mychael, Brighton, UK

"My heart is full of love for the magical time we spent together. The depth, my god the depths you took me to, I cannot pen this without taking a deep breath. And a sigh as if releasing my warmth to you. So grateful to life for meeting you." - Mark, London, UK

"Now I have met You and You talk the crystal beauty full Truth - it is unspeakable - and every minute with You Amoda, every word from You is grace for me. Just to express the huge gratitude  for - I do not even know for what, since it is going deeper and deeper - and then the appreciation is also going deeper and deeper ... for Your grace., for Your smile wihich I love so much, which seems to come and go for no reason at all. This smile is just given freely and in the next second it is gone and Your face is very serious and focused ... the same kind of smile I saw on Mooji's or Papaji's faces.. No one I've met before could smile like that." - Tom, Poland 

Private One to One Sessions 

"I came to Amoda with long standing emotional issues that I had worked on for years and although progress was made it was through Amoda’s sessions that things started to change at the core. I sought her specifically because she was truly living as the Awareness of one’s Self. Amoda’s sessions were potent and she got to the root of things very quickly. She listened attentively and was able to clarify and simplify what was happening with wisdom, accuracy and such tenderness. She spoke as if she could see into my heart as it was exactly what I needed to hear. I am truly grateful for her practical guidance to the truth not only in relation to the essence of who I am but on the level of psychological/emotional/ energetic 'trauma/story' that I was struggling with. She has given me a framework that has allowed me to make sense of these two areas which I have not been able to up until now. After Amoda’s sessions, there have been palpable changes in my everyday living. I can honestly say, for the first time in my life, that I no longer struggle with emotional past issues. Instead, I endeavour to live life as it happens and I have the intelligent means to do so. I am extremely grateful and blessed to have come to know Amoda." - Clare, London, UK

"Two years ago, my life changed radically. It was upended, thrown into turmoil, and fell apart into so many different pieces.  From this, fear, insecurity, anxiousness is what took hold of me. I was lost, not knowing what happened to me. I was in a place of deep vulnerability and hopelessness. The awakening took it's effect powerfully. The glimmer of light that helped me understand what was happening, the one person who gave a space of unconditional love and support, the woman who I am eternally grateful for - her guidance, her ability to listen, her love of the truth - all allowing me to settle into what I truly am - with grace and love. Amoda Maa Jeevan is truly a gift to this world, a wonderful teacher, and a true friend." - Tim, Portland, USA

"Like all good teachers, Amoda meets me where I am in this inquiry of what is true and present now. She gently guides my attention to attention itself and supports the awakening that I can feel within. What a delight it is to work with Amoda." - Scott, Boulder, USA


Awakening to Your Divine Destiny

- transcript of Satsang at the Open Circle Center, Berkeley, California, 2014 

A question that arises frequently in gatherings like this, especially as more and more people are having awakening experiences – there seems to be a kind of quickening in the awakening process on personal and collective levels, so more and more people are asking this question: “If an awakening experience has been had, how can it be integrated into everyday life?” There is a sense that there is an awakening and yet something is missing. The whole picture isn’t quite in place. So the question arises: “How it can be fully embodied or how the truth of awakening can be fully met?” 

There is awakening … and there is the maturation of awakening. Awakening is the recognition of who you really are .. the recognition of the light, your essence. It’s like the moment the little bud appears on the branch of a tree. And then the little bud has to open and become a flower. And that’s the maturation of awakening. Somewhere between the bud appearing and the flower becoming itself, there’s a lot of confusion, disappointment and disillusionment and the question arises: “How can it be lived in everyday life?”  

The question is premature. The answer is .. wait, and let the bud become a flower. Only the full bloom of a flower can fulfill its divine destiny. Fulfilling its divine destiny is bringing its beauty to the world and releasing its intoxicating fragrance into the world. In full bloom the flower is itself. It doesn’t have to do anything. It doesn’t have to integrate its flower-ness into its existence. It doesn’t have to embody its flower-ness, it simply is itself. There is no inner division. It’s simply the light of its essence, meeting the Totality of Life, meeting the Oneness of Life. 

So, you too, in full awakening will fulfill your divine destiny. It is not yet fulfilled when the bud of awakening appears. That is the beginning. It is not the end, it is not the destination. In the full bloom of your awakening there is no inner division. There is a recognition of awakeness in you and  there is the recognition of awakeness in everything, in all things. And that which is awake in you moves through you as your life and your life is given in service to all that is awake. There is no conflict, no question of how to embody, what to do. The shape and form of that flower is not up to you. It simply moves through you AS you. And then the Heart of You can meet the Heart of Reality. 

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Everything that exists is born from - and dies into - emptiness. Including you.