Amoda's Books

Amoda’s books speak directly to the essence of your Being-nature, calling you to recognize the truth of your inner light and then inviting you to embody this light in the world. 


How to Find God in Everything

Watkins Publishing, 2008 (translated into Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese, Slovenian)

"Every experience of your life is a calling from God. Every experience – whether it be pleasurable or painful – is an invitation to embrace the fullness and depth of this moment as it is now. Deep intimacy with this moment offers the promise of liberation. It is an invitation to your true nature."

Amoda speaks directly to the inherent wisdom within each of us, inviting us to recognize that everyone and everything is a manifestation of God. She shows us how we can bring this realization into daily life can make a real difference to our personal and collective reality. The book outlines seven areas of life (Body, Mind, Self, Relationship, World, Planet, Spirit) that are gateways through which we can discover the truth of our divine nature and transform our lives from suffering to joy. 

What readers say ...

"From the moment I held this book in my hands I felt a peace come over me. This book reads like a prayer. It reads like poetry. You can open to any page and find that it speaks to your soul." 

"So often in spirituality teachers talk of and guide us in waking up from our stories, so ignore the story, even ignore the body, yet this book not only includes waking up but also on how to love and accept ALL parts of ourself exactly as we are now."

"A universal truth shines forth through this book, presented in a way that makes it easy for the heart to hear it."


Radical Awakening - discovering the radiance of Being in the midst of everyday life 

Watkins Publishing, 2016

"It was the willingness to open my heart to everything – including the darkness of suffering – that allowed the radiant luminosity of being to reveal itself in my life. It was a radical awakening which changed everything from the inside out.


In the beginning, it stripped me bare of any structures in my inner and outer world that did not serve this awakened consciousness. Psychological defences were seen through and collapsed, relationships and friendships based on co-dependency dissolved, and mental distractions simply stopped.


At the same time, a deeper purpose to the creative flow of my ‘work’ in the world revealed itself, and any action not in alignment with this new purpose rapidly fell away. Later on, this radical awakening gave birth to my book, 'Radical Awakening', and to my teaching."

This is a Revised Second Edition of How to Find God in Everything, with a new Preface, Introduction, Afterword and minor changes to the Chapter title and text, to bring this book up to date with Amoda's teaching today. She also talks more about how her awakening happened and how this has evolved since the first edition in 2008. 


Change your Life, Change your World: Ten Spiritual Lessons for a New Way of Being and Living

Watkins Publishing, 2012 (translated into French-Canadian)

"The new evolutionary impulse requires our participation. We cannot sit back and wait for salvation from Heaven. We are required to consciously collaborate in our own awakening by choosing to take the inner steps to transformation. And we are required to consciously collaborate in the planetary awakening of our times by getting excited by the potential of radical change for humanity."

This book offers Ten Spiritual Lessons that activate an “inner spiritual muscle” and unlock your true power. Each lesson has the capacity to change the way you see things, the way you experience things and the way you do things so that you are empowered to become an agent of change. The invitation in this book is for you to awaken the jewel of your inner radiance and to consciously collaborate in your personal evolution as well as in our planetary evolution.

This is a spiritual workbook and each lesson contains insights for contemplation, actions to take on a daily basis, and declarations to affirm the power of your inner light.

What readers say ... 

"I have read many spiritual books over the years, but for me, this one reaches the parts others hadn't reached, and it is food for the soul."

"This is a timely book, a book to digest and invest time in. Each chapter gently guides the reader/seeker into the waiting heart space, which is quite an achievement. If you are prepared to put in the work, then this book is for you, as the rewards are subtle yet noticeable." 


Radical Awakening

(revised second edition of How to Find God in Everything, 2016)


- an excerpt from the Preface of the book 

It has been almost ten years since this book was written and published as a first edition. During that time much has changed in my life. The initial bud of awakening has matured into the flower of awakeness; what was experienced as a surprising release of self-identity from the knot of ego is now lived as a gentle river of grace in the midst of everyday life.

In the years it took for the bud to become a flower, there has been an ongoing purification. Although there had been many years prior to awakening in which I immersed myself in therapy, bodywork, meditation practices and other psycho-spiritual tools in order to unravel my complex story and heal some of the traumas, there still remained defensive layers of ego-protection. In the glaring light of unconditioned awareness that revealed itself in awakening, these more subtle mental and emotional contractions eventually dissolved. And out of this fire of truth – and after a long period of simply waiting – has emerged my role as a spiritual teacher.

It has been a delicate emergence, a fresh and innocent openness without fixation on outcome, allowing life’s intelligence to inform my actions. At first, just a handful  of people came to the meetings in which I offered silent meditation and brief discourses that arose out of that silence. Gradually, more and more people gathered, and today I travel to many parts of the world offering my work. In response to both the deepening of my own inner experience and to the depth of inquiry that happens in these gatherings, the expression of my teaching has evolved. 

When the first edition of this book – entitled How to Find God in Everything – sold out its entire print run a couple of years ago, it was clear that a new edition was required. In order to preserve the authenticity of its original message, not many changes have been made. The most substantial change has been a revised Introduction, in which I speak more about radical awakening in the midst of ordinary life and in the midst of a rapidly changing world. I also speak more about how this radical awakening appeared in my life. Although today I rarely mention the mystical vision I received in 2002, I have kept this in the Introduction as it was a crucial part of my journey, as well as being the catalyst for writing the first edition of this book. But here – in this new edition – I also include what happened shortly after the vision; because, in retrospect, I can see that it was within this second experience that all constructs of duality (including “me” as a separate self) died to reveal the ever-present radiance of Being that is my natural state.

Also, today I rarely use the word “God”: it is a word burdened with cultural and religious conditioning and itsdeeper meaning is almost always missed by the Western mind. I now prefer to speak of being-ness, presence, or silence. Depending on the context, I also refer to this primary state of consciousness as unconditioned or nondual awareness, or simply as awakeness. 

But I have not completely thrown out the “God” word; this is partly to keep the integrity and continuity of writing, but mostly because the original title of the first edition of this book (How to Find God in Everything) was inspired by a beautiful saying from the Indian mystic Rabindranath Tagore: “In order to find God, you must welcome everything.” This simple statement contains the essence of my teaching. It’s in saying a wholehearted yes to the unfoldment of each moment – in all its horror, agony or ecstasy – that we discover what is truly here beneath and beyond all stories. And this discovery takes us all the way home to our true nature as that which exists prior to all manifestations. In other words, we come home to God.

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