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Amoda Maa (Amoda Maa Jeevan) is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her teaching arises out of direct experience of awakened awareness and emanates the untamable fragrance of freedom whilst radically embracing the mystery and mess of human existence. 

In 2002, after many years of spiritual seeking, meditation and immersion in psycho-spiritual practices, a spontaneous awakening catapulted her out of a dark night of the soul, revealing the luminosity of awakened presence. Without a teacher or instruction manual or any agenda, she opened to an unending falling into the abyss of being. And, in surrendering wholeheartedly to the unfolding unknown-ness and aliveness of this moment, she became a "naked lover of what is". Since that time, all seeking stopped, all methods dropped, and a gentle but unequivocal coming home to rest in unconditioned nondual awareness has become embodied as a living reality. In 2012, Amoda started speaking from silence in small gatherings in the UK. Today, she offers Satsangs, Retreats, and Private Meetings to a growing global community. 

In the period between awakening and teaching in public, Amoda wrote two books: HOW TO FIND GOD IN EVERYTHING and CHANGE YOUR LIFE, CHANGE YOUR WORLD. Both of these arose out of a mystical visionary experience around the same time as her awakening, in which she was shown the key to humanity's suffering and the potential for the birth of a new consciousness and a new world. Today, she no longer speaks or writes directly about this experience and her teaching has evolved in both depth and breadth, preferring to point to the radiance of being that is here within each of us and the journey of embodiment amidst ordinary life. Rooted in innate wisdom born of psychological and philosophical insights and fertilized in direct experience through personal suffering transformed into abiding grace, her teaching is free of all dogma, tradition and ideology.

"When everything false in you dies, what remains is the truth of love. This love is right here in the heart of you and in the heart of everything."

Amoda currently lives with her husband and beloved, Kavi Jezzie Hockaday. Kavi is a talented guitarist, playing ecstatic music for the nondual heart, and he is sometimes found playing at Amoda's satsangs. He is also a transformational coach, supporting people on their path of personal growth and wellness in all areas of their lives. Together, Amoda and Kavi share a passionate drive for personal and planetary evolution and their relationship is dedicated to the service of humanity. They also love walking, running, reading, and travelling. They have recently left their home in England to embark on a new adventure in the Bay Area of California where they are now living and establishing Amoda's teaching. 

Untamable Fire

Amoda's Article in ONE: the Magazine, published Summer 2013

For every person that awakens, there’s a different picture. We often look at spiritual teachers, enlightened masters, mystics and saints, and try to model our enlightenment on what we see. We say, “Ah, this is what it looks like!” and the ego tries to make sense of it according to its own predispositions. Inevitably, the outer expression of enlightenment is colored by history, geography and biography. The stillness of Ramana Maharshi looks very different to the crazy wisdom of Chogyam Trungpa, and the secular life of one of today’s non-duality teachers looks very different from the mystical life of Jesus.

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Silence is the bedrock of life, the refuge of the soul, and the meeting place of hearts. I invite you into this silence so that you may be free to know the truth of who you are. 

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